COVID-19 Update for all WEL Main Line Residents and Staff– 6/26/2020

We have started to receive the results from our state mandated baseline testing in the Meadows and unfortunately have one new positive test to report.  The resident is asymptomatic and has shown no distress.  We will trace back staff interaction, but since we will be testing all staff with this baseline directive, we will know if we have any other positives currently.  It is important to recognize that baseline testing is simply a snapshot and we will continue to test anyone who shows any symptoms during this baseline test and going forward. 

We continue to have no positive cases in the Pines with staff or residents to date. 

In the Independent Living unit, we have had no more positive tests.  Our last positive test in IL was 4/29/2020.  Please continue to maintain social distance and facial covering if you are out of your apartment.  As always, please contact wellness with any concerns about your health.

We have had no new staff positives since our last update on 6/17/2020.

I want to take this opportunity to reiterate the importance of facial covering to avoid the spread of this virus.  As I noted above, this resident was and is asymptomatic, meaning there is no sign of any viral activity.  So the statement that you ‘aren’t sick’ to validate not wearing a mask doesn’t hold water.  I have changed the verbiage from only mask to facial covering for a reason.  It was brought to our attention the possibility for wearing face shields instead of masks for those residents that struggle with respiratory ailments and have trouble with a mask for prolonged periods of time.  I am fine with this as an option for those who want to try this.  We do not have face shields to provide from WEL as we use these for our care staff and they are short in supply, however they are available to purchase online and I have been told that there may be some donations to the residents made available by a family member and I believe there is a plan to set this up being formulated.  I will say as person who has worn both masks and shields during work tasks in my career, shields have their own set of inconveniences.  Hopefully one of these options will work for everyone.  I will say that as we move to green today, it will be more important to continue with facial coverings both for your protection and the protection of your community neighbors.  If you or your visitors are reminded about the need for coverings, do not take this as a scolding.  It is a reminder of how important this simple health directive will be as we move forward.  And if you have heard from news reports that masks are limiting to people’s health, I would remind you that medical professionals have been wearing masks to do their jobs for decades and there is no study that supports a decline in the health of these individuals from a professional lifetime of mask wearing.  I do not want to have to move backwards due to an outbreak in the community so please do your part.  I am very excited to continue to build towards our fully functioning community and would ask you all to keep that in mind when you make your decisions during your day!  Much more information to come in next week’s Town Halls.

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