COVID-19 Update for all WEL Main Line Residents and Staff– 4/23/2020

We want to review the most current status of our positive staff members, residents and the most current test results of our residents and staff.

In the Meadows, we have sadly experienced another passing with a covid positive resident.  They were also able to spend time at the end with family, which was a comfort for both the resident and the family.  Please keep them in your prayers.  We continue to test and receive some positive and some negative results.  We are hopeful that the residents who were positive early on continue to show recovery.  The notion of recovery is still somewhat ambiguous from medical standards, but by general health parameters, we are hopeful that they are not showing increasing symptoms.  Our total positive in the Meadows since the first case reported is now 14.

We have had no positive cases in the Pines with staff or residents to date.

We have a new confirmed positive case in IL who is currently recovering in the hospital.  Wellness began the tracing process yesterday while we awaited test results and if you have been contacted, you have been identified as having some contact with the new positive and we will increase our tracking of your vitals.  If you have not been notified, you have not been identified as having contact.  The 2 past positive cases in Independent Living continue to recover, one in their apartment and one who returned to the community from the hospital last night.  Continue to exercise good sense and stay in your apartment as much as possible and wear you mask when out of apartment.

Staff continues to return from covid illness based on CDC guidelines and we have new staff that has tested positive and are home recovering.  Part of the difficulty of this fight is the unknown, hence the request to stay in and also not request housekeeping or maintenance while we work our way through this spread. 

Construction continues down in the Pines, kitchen and dining rooms.  We will send some pictures so you can see the progress.  There will be no construction in Meadows or IL for the time being, but there is not a lot of work left to be done in those areas.  All construction staff comes in and out of a separate entrance, gets screened based on the same parameters we use for our own staff, and are isolated to the areas they are currently working, which is wiped down daily when the work is completed for the day.

We do recognize the difficulty on all residents of the isolation.  This is a community first and foremost and we all crave interaction.  We will continue to reach out through other options (phone contact, usually) but also reach out to us for some support.  We know that your families are worrying about you and you are worrying about them as well (parents are parents for life!).  These are unprecedented times we are living through, but we take solace in the fact that the residents we have here at WEL have been through difficult times before.  We gain strength from knowing that all of you have made it here in your life and that shows me your strength.  Maintain your spirits in these hard times, remember the good times we have had in our past and the better times we will have in our future.  You are all in my thoughts.

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