COVID-19 Update for all WEL Main Line Residents and Staff– 3/22/2021

I unfortunately have to report that over the weekend, we had another staff member test positive.  They were tested prior to their shift and were sent home, but this now means we need to move our visitation start from March 29th to April 5th, as long as we show no more positives.  The visitation directives from the state for the Meadows are very specific and one positive from either a resident or staff requires a 14 day pause on visitation indoors or outdoors.  We will continue to have window visits and continue to hope and pray that we can make it to the 5th without any new positives.  Please keep the staff member in your thoughts and prayers. 

We had no new positive tests in the Meadows residents.

We continue to have no positives in the Pines. 

We have no positives in Independent Living. Visitation seemed to go well this weekend.

I reviewed vaccine percentages by state and by county this weekend and Pennsylvania is currently ranked 32nd with approximately 12%

fully vaccinated people, which is 1.5 million people.  There is another 2.7 million that are partially vaccinated.  Pennsylvania has approximately 12 million residents.  Delaware County has 62.4 thousand fully vaccinated and another 58.8 thousand partially vaccinated.  The other ‘collar’ counties around Philadelphia are in the same approximate shape as far as full and partially vaccinated.  Philadelphia seems to be lagging behind, but they work independently from the state for most of their vaccine outreach, so their numbers may be misstated.  We do have staff and family that come here from these other counties, including Philly(where I live!), so it is important to track all county performance in vaccine prevalence, since that is the communities we all live in and interact with daily.  So keep in mind that approximately 9 out of every 10 people you come in contact outside of this community is most likely not vaccinated yet!  Stay vigilant! The positive for our community is our percentage is well above 12%, both with residents and staff.  The next challenge is to work to engage some entity to have vaccines available for new residents and also new staff.  That is our most current task.  Fingers crossed

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