COVID-19 Update for all WEL Main Line Residents and Staff– 3/19/2021

Today we will retest the residents of the Meadows to ensure no further outbreak.  The resident who tested positive continues to show no symptoms.  The positive staff member continues to recover at home.  If we have no new positives with this testing, we will stay on course for visitation starting 3/29.  Please send out your prayers that we can push forward safely soon.

We continue to have no positives in the Pines.  Visitation has gone very well this week.

We have no positives in Independent Living and we will begin apartment visits starting tomorrow.  Please remind your visitors to come through the front vestibule for screening.  This is for your protection and theirs so we can be sure they show no symptoms and also we can be sure that in the event of a positive case, we will know who as onsite for contact tracing.  I have said it multiple times, but I reiterate, please do not just go through your family member’s patio door or side entrance without checking in at the front desk.  We also ask that all visits stay in the apartments for the time being.  We will work to allow visitation in the community areas as soon as possible, but we want to move forward step by step.

We are now well beyond the 2 week recommended period for full inoculation, but I would suggest continued mitigation techniques while doing your visits.  Masks and keeping your visits distanced helps to protect while we continue to move forward.  I track the weekly positivity rate and while it has not gone up in Delaware County, it has also seemed to plateau slightly.  The surrounding counties have actually ticked up a bit this week.  It’s worth continuing to be vigilant and cautious. So please visit, but be smart while visiting.

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