COVID-19 Update for all WEL Main Line Residents and Staff– 2/2/2021

I wanted to quickly update everyone on our second clinic today.  As a reminder, this was the second clinic for those residents in Meadows(SNF), Pines(Personal Care), and staff.  We were sweating out the snow last night, hoping that the pharmacy team would be able to make it to the building today.  They all made it and hustled to get their clinic set up in the auditorium.  We started administering shots at appx 10:30 and by 12:30, we had done over 100 staff shots!  The pharmacists then went to the Pines to complete the second shot and we were able to complete the second shot on all of the residents who had gotten their first on Jan 12th.  They then moved to the Meadows and completed 50 shots on residents there, including second shots on 32 residents, which was also provided to those who had already been discharged out of Meadows, and 18 first shots for residents.  As this was going on, some of the pharmacists continued completing staff shots and we were able to complete a total of 141 shots, including 105 second shots and 36 first shots.  As a nod to my competitive nature, I will point out that this is the most staff vaccines completed in all of the WEL sites to date.  I am very proud of our staff and their determination to do all they can to help protect our residents.  We also have some staff that will do their first shot next week on the 9th, which is now going to be our first Independent Living clinic!

I do want to thank the CVS clinic staff for their professionalism and drive to take on the snowy, icy roads to provide us with their medical skills.  I continue to see a brighter future as we complete each step of this journey.  Thank you all for your support and prayers and we will keep pushing forward!

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