COVID-19 Update for all WEL Main Line Residents and Staff– 11/17/2020

This morning, we had a positive staff test during our weekly testing.  We use a rapid test here for staff and have results within 15 minutes, so this staff did not start their shift and had not worked in a week. We have recently had 2 part time staff, who only work here infrequently, report to us that they have tested positive at their other full time jobs.  They will not return to work with us until they have verified recovery and negative tests. 

We have seen no more positive tests in the Meadows residents since July and we continue to have no positive cases in the Pines with staff or residents to date.

In the Independent Living unit, we have shown no new positive tests.

Due to the positive employee test in the Meadows, we will now complete baseline testing for all residents in both the Meadows and the Pines.  All staff in Meadows has been tested weekly and we will continue this for the foreseeable future.  We will also test all Pines staff out of an abundance of caution.

The positive test has now caused us to halt all in person visits for both the Meadows and the Pines for at least 2 weeks, effective immediately.  We will return to window visits for the time being.  A reminder to please not tamper with the window screens during the visits.  We have taken the effort to screw the screens in to keep them in place.  It is also a requirement to wear your mask during the window visits.  These requirements are in place to protect your loved ones and to protect our other residents and staff members, so please respect the request.  Contact unit staff to schedule visits and please keep in mind that some times of the day are more difficult to reach staff, such as change of shift and meal times.

We will continue with congregant dining in Meadows and Pines and also continue with activities, however we will cease any outside entertainment for the time being.

We are requesting that ALL deliveries for the Meadows and Pines be handled through the front desk area and not dropped off at either unit for the foreseeable future.  We will screen and process all packages and deliver them through security services.  No deliveries, food or otherwise, will be accepted at unit doors.

The larger impact of these positive tests is to remind us what we are surrounded by right now and the heightened level of risk we face as a community at this time.  We are currently at 9.38 for this past week in Delaware County after being 6.41 the week before.  The 4 week average for Delaware County is 6.93.  In the surrounding counties, Chester County is 6.91 and Philadelphia County is 13.4.  So we seem to sit between these 2 counties in positivity rates currently.  The expectation is to see this number rise before it falls again.  I would be surprised if we were not above 10% this coming week. 

For the Independent Living residents, knowing that we are coming up on Thanksgiving, I would advise to reconsider any large get togethers with outside family.  If you are going to indulge in a family Thanksgiving, please consider your community neighbors and exercise self quarantine upon your return to the community.  We will continue dining services, but we also are prepared to provide for delivery, again at no extra cost if you are in the process of quarantine or simply feel more comfortable staying in your room.  We will continue to have dining room service, but we may exercise caution in the number of residents seated at tables.  That will be at the discretion of the dining staff and management and I would request that no one voices their frustration to a server or host.  I will be available at the next few meals to answer any questions or concerns.

We will continue activities, but again, may cancel some outside entertainers for the short future.  Keep in mind the importance of mask wearing at all times in activities and the importance of distancing as much as possible.  We will continue with surface disinfectant throughout the community, however the larger risk is airborne, so wear your mask and keep your distance!

Just as a reminder, we have a wellness staff person onsite 24 hrs a day, so even if Wellness office is closed, there is someone here to assist you if needed.  You can pull your cord which will alert them.  We also have security(#484-638-2364) 24 hrs a day if you have a need.

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