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COVID-19 Update for all WEL Main Line Residents and Staff– 1/13/2020

Sadly, I must report a second death in the Meadows.  Please hold the family and the loved on in your thoughts and prayers.

We have just been notified by the hospital that one of our IL residents who was admitted has tested positive for Covid today.  We will work through our contact tracing for this resident so if you do not hear from wellness, you did not have close contact.

We continue to have no positives in the Pines.

We did have a few staff members who did show some minor symptoms from the vaccine, but the payoff is well worth a day of feeling a bit crappy.  We are working every angle to try and speed the process of getting all residents the vaccine.  There are some county based ventures out there, one is specifically with local Rite Aids, but we do not have any connection with these and they would be available to those who would reach out individually for an appointment at one of their vaccine sites.  This is certainly a choice for any residents who want to give that a try, but I am not certain it would be any faster than waiting for the powers that be to set up an onsite clinic here.  If anyone hears of anything else, let me know and I will dig around.  We are ahead of the game a bit, but I want to have the game done and behind us as soon as possible.  The fight continues.

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