COVID-19 Update for all WEL Main Line Residents and Staff– 1/12/2020

We have had no new positives in the Meadows today.  We had one new staff member who tested positive with a rapid test.  They work in the kitchen.

We have one Independent Living resident who will be returning to Meadows to continue their recovery, but no other positives in the apartments.

We continue to have no positives in the Pines.

Now onto the exciting news!  We just completed our vaccine clinic today and it was an unfounded success!  We decided to request that the CVS clinic team provide a first dose to our Pines residents as well as our Meadows and they agreed!  We quickly got the consents completed and we were able to get a first dose in both our Meadows and Pines residents who had consented to get the vaccine.  We are one step closer to getting our entire community vaccinated.  I wanted to thank Tamara and Kim for their clinical leadership during this first step clinic. 

The staff vaccination clinic was even more exciting, with more than 100 doses provided to staff across all departments!  We used every dose they brought onsite.  We were told by the CVS staff that we were the most organized community they have been to so far and that they have had sites that did not use all of their allotted doses with their clinics.  That was NOT going to happen here!  You will see that staff will have their Covid stickers on their name badges and we will post the pictures of staff that got the vaccine around Vicki’s office walls.  We should all be very proud of this staff and these residents who started the ball rolling.

In total, we received 166 doses and used all 166.  The hope now is that the state Department of Health will continue to drive this process to include all residents in this community.  We will do all that we can to advocate for more doses for more residents.  I am very happy we were able to ‘jump the line’ for the Pines.  Keep your fingers crossed we can do more with our next clinic.

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