Community Update – 6/4/2020

If you as a resident have had the chance to pick up a mailbox key, you’ve seen the improvements to the main entrance lobby.  Be aware that, related to the renovation project, work on the elevator lobbies will resume next week.  Workers will pick up where they left off, but be aware of work being started on other floors as well.  It’s good to see progress on the building.  The total completion date remains mid to late July.

            I’m pleased to note that the Skilled Nursing resident community is down to four active positive cases of the C19 virus which represents an accomplishment of good infection control procedures.  Questions have been asked about the Skilled Nursing center and relaxation of restrictions.  Very specific guidance was released from the PA Department of Health on Tuesday that states, “Due to the nature of the vulnerable population living in Skilled Nursing Facilities, the restrictions put in place by the Department…shall remain in effect for at least 28 more days  after the beginning of the Green Phase in those counties.”  As such, the Skilled Nursing has to remain a restricted area.  As I’ve shared this news to interested parties, I realize the hurt that this represents.  But, we remain deeply concerned about avoiding another outbreak, as we manage a move to “yellow” for this community. 

            For apartment residents, we move to our “phase yellow” beginning Monday, June 8.  Included will be the following features.

  • Family Visitation. This process will involve designated, limited outdoor seating that maintains distance, use of hand sanitizer and face masks.  The Front Desk staff will have information and our recommendations for how best to avoid infection for this initiative.  As a reminder, visitors are still not permitted to enter the building during the ‘yellow’ phase.   
  • A limited Program Schedule, to include Country Rides and small group activities (maximum of 6 persons), is being developed.  You’ll be asked to sign up for participation. 
  • Short trips off campus.  Walking or diving off campus should be of short duration and distance.  Any trip that involves encountering other persons should be taken with extreme caution and awareness of the potential for exposure to the virus.  As you know all persons who travel about, across the state, are required to and actually do wear masks.  Hand sanitizing and washing is standard practice.  You should carry hand sanitizer with you at all times. The main entrance is to be used exclusively for leaving and re-entering the building and our screening process will continue.  We’ll reiterate the best methods to avoid contact, keep distance, use of mask and hand sanitizer.

The Marketing Department for WEL has purchased, for every resident, what’s called a “Clean Key.”  This key ring companion can be used to open doors and push buttons, in such a way as to avoid contact with high touch areas where infection can happen.  These are to be distributed next week.

My comment last week was “When we say “we’re all in this together” it means that ALL have responsibility for success.”  Still makes the best sense. Moving forward, as we gradually emerge from our long hibernation, there will be the ever-present need for vigilance for you to avoid contracting the virus, for your own sake and also that of the community, in which you reside. 

As always, if you have specific questions, feel free to reach out to me or any member of the leadership team. 

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