Community Update – 5/29/2020

You may have noted in the previous community notice that we had an uptick in the number of positive virus cases in the Skilled Nursing center. This is because we were fortunate to complete a full testing of all Skilled Nursing residents.  Of the eighteen persons never before tested, five were positive.  The total active cases is now nine, one of which is in the hospital.  I hasten to note that many have previously recovered.  Prior to this week, we enjoyed the lowest number of active cases in the nursing center in two months. In the apartments there remain four cases, three of which are in hospital.  This represents great progress.  But going forward, what is required to maintain a downward trend?

            It is becoming clearer all the time that we will need to build into our habits infection control techniques that keep the virus from spreading because there is no vaccine.  This will always be a matter of personal interest – so you don’t get sick; and community interest – so you don’t make others sick.  It is in this spirit that I can announce that, beginning Monday, June 1st we are making arrangement to open the 9th floor [for apartment residents only]. 

            MAIN ENTRANCE.   We anticipate, next week, the completion of Phase I of the renovation project.  If all goes as planned the main portion of the first floor will reopen on WEDNESDAY, June 3 including the main entrance.  This means that all entry and exit from the building will change from the side (old Bistro) entrance to the front.   Screening all who come and go will continue and deliveries will be directed to that entrance. 

            9TH FLOOR.  Use of the 9th floor will include the walking loop and library only.  Special arrangements include universal wearing of masks, one way walking maintaining 6’ spacing and a limit on the number of persons on the loop.  Library occupants will be limited to 4 persons at a time.  In order to accomplish this, the 9th floor elevator will be unlocked from 9am until 3pm.  Notice, that a limit of 2 persons on any elevator ride is required and will be standard practice going forward.  The program team members will be on hand to monitor and assist. 

            BOCCE.  Also beginning June 1, the program team will organize and host “Bocce Lite” which will feature games held on Mondays and Wednesdays each week.  Teams of 2 persons will face off and up to 4 spectators will be permitted.

            US MAILBOXES.  A critical transition for all apartment residents is the change to new USPS mailboxes.  This will happen next week also.  By the end of the day Tuesday, please empty everything out of your old US mailbox.  On Wednesday, when you come down for your mail, find your new box numbered to correspond with your apartment and take the key for future access.  A staff person will be there to assist as you may wish.  Please note that your in-house mail slot is found in the same area. 

            HOUSEKEEPING.  A further note is a resumption of housekeeping, to begin on June 1.  For the first 2 weeks of June, housekeepers will clean apartments between the hours of 7:30am till 3:30pm  according to the following schedule:  MONDAY: floors 2 & 4.  TUESDAY: floors 3 & 5.  WEDNESDAY: floor 6.  THURSDAY: floor 7.  FRIDAY:  floor 8.  Beginning the third week of June the schedule will be expanded, moving toward a more normal cleaning arrangement.  We ask that all residents, when a housekeeper is in your apartment, wear a mask.

For all of the above, community responsibility requires that all pay close attention to the practices we’ve discussed for so long. These need to become 2nd nature.  Wear a mask at all times when outside apartment, OVER THE NOSE.  Keep physical distance, 6’ minimum.  Wash and sanitize hands after touching anything in a common area.  [We have increased and are increasing the number of hand sanitizer stations throughout the building].   I’m delighted that we can make these gradual changes.  When we say “we’re all in this together” it means that ALL have responsibility for success.

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