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Benefits of Grilling Vs. Frying Your Favorite Foods

Everyone loves a piece of crispy fried chicken now and again, and a little fried food occasionally is okay, but there are ways to enjoy your favorite meats and vegetables without pulling out the cast iron skillet and lard.  Embrace the full-bodied flavors produced when you fire up the grill. At Wesley Enhanced Living, we understand the nostalgia that comes with the “comfort foods” you have always loved. We strive to give our residents all the tastes they crave while keeping their nutrition needs in mind.  (more…)

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Where to Find Legal Resources for Seniors

WWhile reaching retirement brings on many new opportunities to enjoy your free time, there are also new considerations to be addressed. You may choose to downsizie and sell your home or need to create or revise legal documents which may be critical in the event of an emergency, or begin taking care of a spouse who may need some additional healthcare assistance.   Button up those “pesky” legal affairs by seeking out the appropriate resources. The staff at Wesley Enhanced Living realizes this is a critical aspect to protecting and maintaining your lifestyle, and encourage our seniors to plan for...

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Visit Your Senior-Friendly Local Attractions

Fun Suggestions from the Team at Wesley Enhanced Living You dream of long, relaxed vacations, easy mornings, slow and elaborate dinners. That’s the beauty of not having to get up and go, go, go! Don’t let words like retirement, aches, pains, nursing homes intimidate you as you grew older. Times have changed. With retirement, you are in the best years of your life, and you are never too old to learn new things or have new adventures. When you live in one of Wesley Enhanced Living’s retirement communities, you have many opportunities to meet new people, develop new friendships, and...

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How to Manage Your Weight Problems Later in Life 

As we age, our metabolism slows down. Those fries, pizzas, and chocolate shakes you could eat in your 20’s only cause the love handles to grow in your later years. It is possible, however, to take back your health and manage your weight as you grow older. You have what it takes, and we can help. We support our seniors by helping them stay fit mentally, physically, and socially through various opportunities for growth.   Enjoy life more by managing a healthy weight. The team at Wesley Enhanced Living knows how to develop recipes and menus that make your taste...

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Boost Your Immunity – Keep Up on Your Vaccinations

Helpful Advice from the Team at Wesley Enhanced Living As children, most of us went through a regimen of shots to protect us from various childhood diseases. As you grow into adulthood, your body can ward off many illnesses because of these vaccines. Upon reaching the age of 50, you may notice that you do not recover as quickly as in your younger years. The senior population, like children, become very susceptible to complications from preventable diseases. Protect yourself from unnecessary suffering by staying up to date with your vaccines, including getting an annual flu shot. (more…)

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