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Executive Director Update 6/18/2021


One of the things necessary these days for successful operation is making sure our reputation is strong and good.   These days, this means paying attention to messages about a company that freely flow in cyberspace.  Social media is one of the places where strong statements land about what’s good and what’s not good out there. Our marketing teams play close attention to this and every now and again they ask for public comments.  Funny thing how mostly, customers send a message when they’re irritated.  So, it’s a good thing when those who have had good experiences share their thoughts too.  

If you’ve had a good time or appreciate something about Wesley Enhanced Living, writing a review is helpful in the extreme.  

If you’re an employee, log in this way:  using one of the sites listed. 

If you are a resident or family, use this site:           And thanks.


There’s been concern about some clutter on our property.  We’re scheduling the removal of the old bus and pickup truck, to happen in a matter of weeks.  Interestingly, the snow plow in the main parking lot actually belongs to our landscaping contractor that they used during the last snow storm.  They are slow to pick up due to their short staffing problems.

The shipping containers at the back of the property have been used for furniture storage, left from the most recent renovation project.  These will be emptied and scheduled for removal.

The outdoor patio at main entrance is waiting for more benches & chairs, on order and to be delivered the week of 6/28 or 7/5.  But because delivery schedules have been precarious, we’ll look for temporary outdoor seating for this area.


In response to a resident question, credit cards cannot be used for making donations to the Resident Council or when purchasing items from hallway sales.  The Council has no method to process cards.  On the other hand, credit cards can be used at bistro, particularly because we don’t handle cash at the dining venues.


Amanda Maxwell, Manager and Chef Matt Schwartz, provided a comprehensive review of the dining program.   There is printed handout available that spells out our current situation and detail the changes, starting Monday, to utilize Bistro daily for lunch and dinners.  See the front desk team if you need a copy.

TV 1970   We’d like to hear from you.  Our in-house TV channel 1970 is being used more and more for internal programming.  Is it working for you?  Do you have suggestion?   Send an email to Karen Doler –


The heating plant replacement project begins next week. First step is to dismantle the old and then bring in the new. Since the boilers are on the roof, a crane will be needed for removal and delivery.  Stay tuned for specific dates for this.


Masking for residents in common areas remains in place, most likely until Pennsylvania masking rules change June 28. Employees and guests will still be required to wear masks.

100% vaccination for residents and employees is the goal we are pursuing and prefer that visitors be vaccinated also.  Watch for details.

Bucks County’s positivity rate this week is 0.8%, consistent with last week’s low rate of 1.1%.

Visitation in the nursing area remains the same:  sign up on website / SignUp Genius.  We have 1 indoor and 3 outdoor visitation locations.   The sign-up process shows available time slots.

Steven T. Cherry, nha

Interim Executive Director

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Dear Residents, Families and Employees: 


We continue to be COVID free among all staff and residents in Independent Living, Personal Care and the Health Center.

Unfortunately, the various government agencies that regulate our operations, have not lifted any of the restrictions that they imposed upon us.  Therefore, we must continue to wear masks, and visits continue to be scheduled for personal and health care residents, along with numerous other things.  Independent Living residents must continue to wear masks in common/public areas, as well.


Please be aware that we are working on the lock at the P Building door.  The delay is due to a complete change in the security of that door.  We will be removing the key lock from the door and installing a “fob” system for P Building entrance.  You will see staff completing some electrical work that must be done for the installation of the new system.  This system will add an additional layer of security.  Only one “fob” or swipe card will be issued to each P Building resident for use.  IF someone loses their fob, it will require that we deactivate that fob and issue a new one.  No other resident will be affected and it will not require the replacement of the lock and everyone’s key.  These fobs cannot be duplicated or copied. 

If this fob is lost it must be reported immediately so the fob can be deactivated in the system.  The cost of replacing the fob will be $75.00, charged to the resident. 

I recognize how anxious everyone is to begin using that P Building entrance – we are working on this and are equally anxious to get this system installed and operating.


Please remember to use Sign-Up Genius to register to visit with a resident.  The visitor registration closes approximately 24 hours prior to the date of the visit, so you will not be able to register at the last minute.  Please call the receptionist to confirm that your visit will be allowed.

Please use Sign-Up genius to register for visits.  You must enter the code #8401 when cued to do so.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me directly at the email address or by phone. 

Stay well,

Suzanne H. Lachman, LNHA

Executive Director


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Update for all WEL Main Line Residents and Staff– 6/11/2021

We have no positive cases in the Pines, our Personal Care. 

We have no positive cases in the Meadows, our Skilled Nursing Facility.

We have no positive cases in Independent Living.

We have no positive cases with our staff. 

The most recent positivity rate in Delaware County is 1.3% and the rate for Pennsylvania as a whole is 1.9%.  We are now 2 weeks out from Memorial Day and we continue to be cautiously optimistic that the high number of vaccinated individuals in both the county and the state has taken hold.  There has been reports of ‘breakthrough’ cases, or positive cases within those who are fully vaccinated, but they are rare and the upside is the symptoms are much less severe in most cases.  I will note that we have another vaccine clinic here on June 16th and we can provide the Moderna vaccine to anyone who is interested or has not had the opportunity to start their vaccine course.  The clinic will be a second shot for a few of our new residents who got a first shot last month and new staff members who got their first shot last month and we will also provide a first shot for any new staff or residents since last month and any staff or resident’s family members that are interested in getting a shot.  If you know anyone who in interested and has not scheduled a time yet, please reach out and we can add them to our list.

As we continue to move forward, we now contemplate the next steps.  This next week, we will have updated visitation rules for both Pines(personal care) and Meadows(skilled nursing).  Those who have loved ones in these units can expect to get more detailed information from Kim(Meadows) and Tamara(Pines).  We are also starting to take reservations for guests in our IL dining room.  The specific details for this have also been sent out.  We have also stopped the requirement for Independent Living to check in at the front desk kiosk.  This requirement continues for both staff and outside guests.  This allows us to contact trace on the off chance we have a positive case.

The main requirement as we keep moving forward is that we continue to wear masks while in the community.  As I have said before, even if you personally have a comfort level with not wearing the mask while in community areas, you are part of a community and your neighbors may not be at that level yet. Guidance from medical experts also recommends continued mask wearing in congregant living arrangements.  So even as we continue to work our way to normalcy, we want to maintain some small level of safety as we work our way forward. 

I would also mention that we do reserve the right to ask anyone to leave the community if they are a guest and refuse to wear a mask.  I would hope we would not need to rise to that level with a request that is simply made to protect your loved ones.  Thank you all in advance for your cooperation and again if anyone knows anyone who is looking for a vaccine, we will be more than happy to set them up for the next one on June 16th.

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Executive Director Update 6/11/2021


On Monday, June 14, the June Town Hall happens at 11am (for resident apartments on floors 6 to 8) and 2pm (for apartment residents 2 to 5).  In-person attendees can come to Heritage Hall, but the sessions will also be broadcast to in house TV channel 1970. 

We plan to feature the dining team leaders Amanda Maxwell and Matt Schwartz who will present extensive information about the program, immediate changes to be made in bistro and dinner operation.  Our objective is to have all understand what it takes to provide the best dining experience for everyone.

Mike Rohrbach will also speak about infrastructure projects, particularly the heating plant project which begins this month.  Of special interest is when a crane will be on site to remove old equipment from the top of the building.

Karen Doler provides an update on program offerings and detail about social life on campus.


A word about our work teams and hiring.  All have heard much about staff shortage and difficulties with hiring.  This challenges our ability to provide service in ways the organization and residents prefer.  When we are stretched, it is necessary to prioritize the work to be done.  All need to know that, in this mix, we are committed to making sure employees are not pushed beyond any kind of breaking point and we talk about the importance of self care for staff persons across the workforce.  When, for example, an employee is due and plans for vacation time, we are not inclined to deny time off.  Staff persons need to regenerate.   

The fact is, the pandemic is NOT over, even though everyone is desperate to return to normal.  This will require more time.  The world needs to recover as well.  The disease has succeeded in disrupting and scrambling a lot of things, from the economy, to health care, to the work force nationally.  I appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding.   


Recent leadership discussions suggest that we should be able to allow residents to go mask free in common areas by June 28, when Pennsylvania lifts the masking guideline.   Employees and guests will still be asked to wear masks.


Speaking of vaccination, we are revisiting the process for residents and employees.  There are very few residents who are unvaccinated and with these persons we’ll follow up.  Our employee teams are about 70% vaccinated, but we’re heading for 100% so will be approaching all unvaccinated employees with options for receiving the full dose.


One of the indicators that we are on the backside of pandemic is finding that the matter of Covid 19 doesn’t need to be front and center of every discussion and news report.  Bucks County’s positivity rate has been dropping steadily for a month now and today the rate is 1.1%.


Because the nursing center still has non-covid upper respiratory cases, we have not lifted the ban on visitation.  Limited visits should be scheduled by logging on to Sign-up Genius (through the
WEL – Doylestown website).

Steven T. Cherry, nha

Interim Executive Director

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Executive Director update 6/10/2021

June 10, 2021

Dear Residents, Families and Employees:


I am happy to share that we have had no new positive COVID-19 cases this past week. As a result of the low positivity rate and our on-going negative test results, we will now change to testing staff and residents on a monthly basis.


We are very pleased to welcome back children and babies to visit with our residents. It has been quite some time since we had the giggles of children and the smiles they bring to their grandparents. Children will not be counted as a guest in the two person limit; the two person limit is intended to be two adults.


The Dining Town Hall meeting took place on Wednesday afternoon. All residents received a copy of the slide presentation with dinner on Wednesday evening.


Please remember to use Sign-Up Genius to register to visit with a resident. The visitor registration closes approximately 24 hours prior to the date of the visit, so you will not be able to register at the last minute. Please call the receptionist to confirm that your visit will be allowed.

Please use Sign-Up genius to register for visits. You must enter the code #8401 when cued to do so.

• HEALTH CENTER VISITS ONLY: All visitors must make an appointment using Sign-Up Genius link: Access Code #: 8401

• PERSONAL CARE VISITS ONLY: All visitors must make an appointment using Sign-Up Genius link:
Access Code #: 8401

• INDEPENDENT LIVING VISITS ONLY: All visitors must make an appointment using Sign-Up Genius link: Access Code #: 8401

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me directly at the email address or by phone.

Stay well,

Suzanne H. Lachman, LNHA
Executive Director

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