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Maurice “Frank” Mercure

Wesley Enhanced Living Pennypack


Frank is the first-time author of “The Life and Times of a Cold War Serviceman: August 1928 to November 30, 1969.” With over 23 years of service to his country, Frank, a Bronze Star recipient, details the highs and lows of a serviceman’s life, including his dangerous experiences in Saigon, his role as a security officer for General Abrams, and the day he met his wife of over 60 years in England. The chronological history of his life helps civilians better understand how their life contrasts to that of a serviceman. Digital and paperback copies of Frank’s book can be found at a variety of on-line and brick-and-mortar bookstores, including www.Amazon.com.


 John M. Donohue

Wesley Enhanced Living Doylestown


John is the author of From Germany To Love, a story that explores the triumphs and challenges of growing up during the Great Depression, the life of a serviceman, and a World War II romance that lasted over 60 years.  Donohue takes the reader on a journey through his life while also chronicling his wife's life during the same period of time.  This book, along with the author's first autobiography, An American Family, can be purchased at The Doylestown Bookshop in Doylestown, Pennsylvania.

Anita Gertrude Roesch-Plutte

Wesley Enhanced Living Upper Moreland


Anita is the author of The Woman With The German Accent.  Anita grew up in Germany during WWII and escaped from East Germany as a young adult searching for peace and happiness.  She recounts her many experiences in her book which can be found at bookstores, as well as online at xulonpress.com.

Lynne Shivers

Wesley Enhanced Living at Stapeley


Lynne co-wrote two books and currently has two other books underway.  Her diverse interests are evident in her writings.  Jottings in the Woods - Walt Whitman’s Nature Prose and a Study of Old Pine Farm uniquely combines Whitman's stunning nature descriptions with a discourse on contemporary efforts to protect land in South Jersey.  Lynn has also written More than the Troubles - A Common Sense View of the Northern Ireland Conflict.  Both books can be purchased on a variety of online sites including amazon.com.

Anita Cornwell

Wesley Enhanced Living at Stapeley


Anita wrote the first collection of essays by an African American lesbian entitled Black Lesbian in White America.  She has also had work published in Feminist Review, Labrynth, National Leader, Los Angeles Free Press and The Negro Digest.  Her book can be found at bookstores, as well as online at amazon.com.

Gordon Eaton, PhD

Wesley Enhanced Living Upper Moreland


Gordon is the author of a series of children’s books entitled Piebald & Alpha Visit the Emerald Isle, Piebald & the Parade of Small Animals, and The Life and Times of Piebald the Mouse.  The stories center around a laboratory mouse named Piebald who escapes his confines and explores the outside world.  He soon learns that it was the Creator who made it possible for him to survive the many dangers he encountered on his journey.  Gordon’s books can be purchased at a variety of Christian bookstores, as well as online at amazon.com.

Edna Massimilla

Wesley Enhanced Living Upper Moreland


Edna writes poetry, song lyrics and stories.  She is the author of Heaven’s Very Special Child & the Family, a book that draws on her personal experience raising a child with Down Syndrome.  In the book, Edna recounts both the trying times and blessings, and shares original poems and songs that offer empathy and inspiration to parents and caregivers of physically or mentally challenged children.  Edna’s book and poems can be purchased at a variety of bookstores, as well as online at amazon.com.


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