Spiritual Life at Wesley Enhanced Living


Wesley Enhanced Living is founded in and committed to the tenets of the United Methodist Church to serve the aging population. Seniors of all faiths, however, are welcome and encouraged to seek residence at our communities.


The WEL communities have dedicated chapels and places for congregational worship.  In fact, during the last four years the organization has built two new chapels as well as remodeled new spaces for congregational worship on Sundays and high holy days.


WEL’s diverse communities include residents from Protestant, Catholic, Quaker, and Jewish communities of faith.  Our chaplains, who are especially trained for ministry with an older adult population, recognize and respect this variety of spiritual expression and make every effort to help residents practice their faith in their chosen way.  Residents can rely upon our chaplains to regularly lead worship and Bible studies classes, conduct personal and hospital visits, and provide counseling and grief support.


View our monthly enhanced living calendars to learn more about our worship services and spiritual life programming.

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