Personal Care Philadelphia, PA


Individualized, All-Inclusive Personal Care Services

Just the kind of help that’s needed.  A stress-free way to start the day.  Peace of mind for the entire family.


Personal care services - assistance with the activities of daily living - provide peace of mind for the entire family and a comprehensive, compassionate solution for older adults who need some extra help on a daily basis.

Support is provided as needed to help residents:

  • Take medications appropriately
  • Manage activities of daily living such as bathing, grooming and dressing
  • Maintain optimal nutrition by providing three nutritious and delicious meals each day, eliminating the need to grocery shop and cook
  • Have increased opportunities for socialization
  • Become engaged with entertaining recreational activities


There is no one sign that this level of assistance is required however, here are some signals that a personal care living situation may be appropriate:


Daily Activities

  • Help is needed with chores like housekeeping, grocery shopping, and laundry and/or there’s uncertainty when now performing these once familiar tasks
  • Difficulty turning doorknobs, getting out of chairs, putting on socks, etc.
  • Meal preparation has ceased and there is a reliance on non-nutritious or junk foods for meals
  • Evidence of spoiled foods in the refrigerator
  • Evidence of a dirty or cluttered home


Health Care and Medications

  • A forgetfulness to take medications or inability to take them correctly
  • A tendency to miss doctor appointments or treatments


Self Care

  • Bathing, washing hair, or dressing is becoming increasingly difficult
  • Evidence of a decline in personal hygiene and/or evidence of weight loss
  • Money Management
  • Bill payments are missed and there’s an accumulation of unopened mail


Mobility and Travel

  • Evidence that ability to drive safely is compromised and/or increase in car accidents
  • Instability when walking
  • Falling


Activities and Friends

  • Evidence that most time is spent alone



  • Frequent small fires from leaving items on stove, etc.
  • Increased vulnerability to neighborhood crime, physical abuse, or scams


Wesley Enhanced Living offers personal care accommodations and services at all communities.  If you think that an older adult in your life might benefit from personal care, contact us today.

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