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Wesley Enhanced Living at Stapeley

In 2009, Marshall welcomed the opportunity to put his green thumbs back to work tilling soil in preparation for the planting of a vegetable garden on the grounds of his retirement community (Wesley Enhanced Living at Stapeley).  Almost five years later, you can still find Marshall in the garden mapping out which vegetables will be planted where.  Fortunately, he has the assistance of fellow resident gardeners Bill and Karl, as well as both adults and children from Germantown Friends. 


All are looking forward to another bountiful harvest of tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, kale and Swiss chard thanks to Stapeley's resident agriculturists and their 'Friends.'


Wesley Enhanced Living Upper Moreland

Jerry is a present-day renaissance man.  He has acquired profound knowledge and proficiency in many fields.  For example, Jerry has created amazing, one-of-a-kind replicas of famous sculptures such as the Eiffel Tower and the original Ferris Wheel.  After doing extensive research on the origin, materials and measurements of the original sculptures, Jerry sought out the right materials and did the numerous, complex mathematical equations to create replicas that would make the original designers and builders proud.  


Currently, he is putting his needle crafting skills to the test and creating beautiful wall hangings that shock and amaze all those who learn who in his family is the genius with needle and thread! 

Jerry's greatest tools are his head, his hands and his heart.  He uses his head to conceptualize and learn, his hands to create, and his heart to lovingly make true works of art that he, his wife, his daughter and many friends can all enjoy. 



Wesley Enhanced Living at Stapeley

Estelle is someone who enjoys trying anything - at least once!  She lives well by exercising her mind and body.  She walks, gardens, bakes and loves to go on day-long shopping excursions.  She also enjoys playing scrabble, knitting, singing in the choir and connecting with friends and family in-person and online.

One of Estelle’s greatest passions is woodworking!  She made not one, but two sets of kitchen cabinets along with the book case in her apartment.  Estelle keeps herself young by seeking out engaging new experiences and is always encouraging fellow residents to join her.


Wesley Enhanced Living Doylestown

Priscilla has embraced the motto “never stop moving” and has made it a part of her day-to-day life.  She has developed an exercise and nutrition routine, with help from the fitness and dietary teams at Wesley Enhanced Living Doylestown, which has helped her to lose weight, feel good and remain physically active.  Priscilla finds her exercises enjoyable thereby easy for her to maintain.  A sensible diet, focused on portion control and healthy food choices, has also greatly contributed to her overall WEL-being.  Priscilla says, “You can always find some kind of exercise to do, even while sitting down.”


Wesley Enhanced Living Doylestown

Chet is a very familiar face at the fitness center at Wesley Enhanced Living Doylestown.  He can be found there each morning faithfully doing his daily workout.  He understands the importance of regular physical activity in enhancing his health and helping to maintain his independence and therefore has made it a priority in his life. 

Chet recommends a well-rounded exercise program that incorporates the four main categories of exercise - endurance & cardio, strength, balance and flexibility.  Regarding his diverse exercise routine, Chet says, “You are never too old to try anything.”


Wesley Enhanced Living Pennypack Park

Larry is one of those people who is always on the move at his Wesley Enhanced Living Pennypack Park community.  He is a strong believer and advocate for physical and nutritional fitness.  He is a proud pescatarian - a fish eating vegetarian. 

While he can often be seen on his bike riding the trails of his community’s adjoining park, he is also an avid skier and scuba diver.  Larry feels strongly that his diet and active lifestyle are vital to his good health.

Jeannette & Ornay

Wesley Enhanced Living Upper Moreland

Jeannette & Ornay are one of those couples everyone admires! They are happy, healthy and happenin’!  It’s rare to find them in their apartment at Wesley Enhanced Living Upper Moreland.  They are too busy walking, doing yoga, playing shuffle board or folk dancing.  Ornay also enjoys on-site table tennis and off-site bowling with his friends at the community, while Jeannette lovingly knits and crochets lap robes for hospice patients and hats for abused children.  Both Ornay & Jeannette exclaim, "We can’t just sit and do nothing!" and their advice is simple, "Don’t wait too long to move into a retirement community."


Wesley Enhanced Living Burholme

Elaine, someone whose picture should accompany the definition of a ‘people person,’ resides at Wesley Enhanced Living Burholme.  An avid reader and history buff, Elaine enjoys watching and reading autobiographies about historical figures and events. 

Elaine loves putting on her walking shoes and catching the train to the city for a little arts and culture.  She looks for every opportunity to visit the Philadelphia Museum of Art and is thrilled that she now has the Barnes Foundation to explore as well.  Elaine truly enjoys her life and “does everything she can with what she has!”


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